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In the Know

In the Know:  Elimination is the name of the game.  Without proper elimination, there is no proper assimilation.

Why put the cart before the horse?

Focus mainly on  elimination instead of  nutritional needs.  This will create a suitable intestinal milieu for healthy absorption to take place.

Be in the know and prepare the ground before planting the seeds.

Digestion works in cycles: KNOW THYSELF.

Raw Food is a natural body cleanser. It helps us to eliminate more efficiently because it tones our entire digestive system.  It is the best fuel to put into our machines; or rather, our bodies.  When we run efficiently, our metabolism functions optimally.  This means more effective elimination of metabolic waste and other toxins.  It also means, less putrification, fermentation and toxic gas build up.  Pathogens, unfriendly bacteria, viruses, parasites and disease cannot live in a clean environment. They are quickly flushed out of a system that is not a host for them.

If your intestines are caked with toxic build up, hard fecal matter and rubbery mucoid plaque,  nourishing elements cannot effectively pass through your small intestinal walls to be transformed and utilized by other parts of the body.  Obstruction creates congestion:  constipation is health’s enemy.  We can be constipated even on a cellular level when cellular waste is sluggish and nutritional absorption is hampered.

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