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Carrot Mania

Have you ever felt like eating something and opened your refrigerator only to find that there was nothing you felt like eating in it?  Next time this happens, just grab a pre-washed carrot, and try munching on that.  Afterwards, try a Fuji apple then perhaps another carrot, or even two more carrots.  Just continue eating more and more carrots (and occasional apples) until you lose the urge to open the refrigerator.

It’s fun, easy, colorful and grounding (yang).  Not only does chewing on tough things like carrots strengthen the roots of  your teeth, it also stimulates cerebral spinal fluid circulation  (this is why I question overextended juice fasting).

In Jamaica, I’ve seen people mix grated carrots with honey, then apply this as a compress over their eyes. They say it is very relaxing and soothing, and that it strengthens the nerves of the eyes.

I also saw a rastaman, named Fire, squeeze a little of the juice from a finely grated carrot carefully into the outer edge of both of his eyes.  He claimed  his vision sharpened immediately.  I always heard carrots were good for the eyes, yet I never took it literally!  This was a real eye opener.

Personally, I love to add fresh ginger (a digestive stimulant) while I am juicing carrots and add a little freshly ground nutmeg afterwards (it is an island thing).  When I’m not in the mood to juice, I just eat them; sometimes, right out of the garden.

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