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Radiant Skin

The skin is the largest organ and one that is sometimes neglected. There is a whole nerve network that runs through the skin. So if we nourish one part of our skin, this healing influence naturally affects other parts of our skin. Before we know it our skin radiates joy. Our skin quickly absorbs anything we put on it so lets feed our skin with the best ingredients that we have available.

Personally, I love virgin raw coconut oil. It helps prevents skin cancer (applies antioxidants to the skin), lubricates the skin and smells wonderful, especially with a few drops of Turkish Rose (organic essential oil).  Our skin reflects our health and the many ways we take care of ourselves. Beware of aging products that accelerate free-radical damage. Even those with refined vegetable oils are damaging.

Don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat. If you are on a raw diet, feed your skin with raw food too. Be creative. Use your smoothie left-overs for a facial! Cut Nori seaweed sheets in strips, wet them with your favorite juice and lay them on your face until it dries. Apply papaya, avocado or pineapple to your face and skin. Last, but not least, use raw coco butter for the royal treatment. Your skin will love the enzymes.

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