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Raw Orange Juice

Drink orange juice or any kind of citrus juice daily to replenish your body’s vitamin c supply because your body doesn’t store it.

Bring a cooler with you and have a few bottles of orange juice, lemonade, limeade, or fresh grapefruit juice on hand so you can energize yourself throughout the day.

Your visual system uses a significant amount of nutrients and relies on vitamin c replenishment for optimum function.

Orange juice can cause uncomfortable symptoms if your blood is too acidic.  The more detoxified you become, the more orange juice you will be able to consume.  Citrus eats away mucus, so it will help prevents colds.

Be sure to only drink unpasteurized citrus juice to reap the full benefits:  Fresh Squeezed Juice reigns supreme!

Take a look at the nutritional facts of raw orange juice.

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