World Reggae Producer, Recording Artist and Musician IZANAH JONES® inspires others through her music, books and health education. She has recently released her debut album “Reggae for Love.” Her book, “God and Healing” will also be released this year.,

Izanah Music

Izanah Jones is a World Reggae Recording Artist. She produces Roots, Caribbean music in Jamaica. Her debut album is available now in hard copy or digital download: “Reggae for Love”. Learn more

Raw Beat Records

Why Raw Beat? Because we’re keeping it real. We want to preserve the authentic feel of the music without over-production. Over polished audio tracks diminish the original vibe of the music, that “beat street sound” – the rhythm that inspires you to jump up, wind your waist and dance! Learn more

God and Healing

Natural law is derived from the divine truth of God’s love. It is based on spiritual principles that have their foundation in truth. In Izanah’s new book “God and Healing” we can have complete spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health when we embrace the fundamental philosophy of natural law – to know one’s self. Learn more about God and Healing

Sun Raw Food

A raw food diet vitalizes body, mind and soul because it is our natural diet by design. Here are informative insights and delicious vegan raw food recipes from which we can reap great benefit. By nature, raw food both detoxifies and builds us because it facilitates elimination and regulates metabolism, thus improving nutrient assimilation. Learn More

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